Oct 2019
320 kbps
9 mb
Average: 4.1 (57 votes)

Ran-D & Endymion feat. LePrince - Run From Reality

       Rip.date: 17.10.2019                Supply..: TEAM FMC
       Str.date: 18.10.2019                Rip.....: TEAM FMC
       Rls.type: WEB                       Year....: 2019
       Company.: Roughstate                Length..: 04:01
       Catalog.:                           Tracks..: 1
       Genre...: Techno                    Size....: 9.2MB
       Encoder.: LAME3.99.5                Quality.: 320kbps 44.1kHz

       Url: https://play.google.com/store/music/album?id=B32jybbp2xp6qy63phhykbw2cia

                             Tracks order/list

     Track:                                                     Time:

     01. Run From Reality                                       04:01

                                                      TOTAL:    04:01

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Comments ( 50 )

Fuuuckkkk! The wait is over!!! How can it be so perfect??? Even that foolish reggae accent fits the melody and kicks so nice. Oh my god. Really looking forward to party to it at number one at EPIQ this New Year eve!


How to stop listening?


That's easy - you realize this is hardstyle, and since hardstyle is shit music for shit brained people, now you start to think hey i don't want to be a shit brained asshole who listen to shit music, you stop listening. Done.


Wow, so simple, thank you very much, appreciated.


if hardstyle is shit on this site so what's not a shit? because definityle hardcore is same shit too


hahaha so what's better to listen? Gaytempo Hardcore? pleeaseee


indeed bro, one of the best and most complete tracks of the year! Simply amazing!


its boring as fuck to be honest, fk those mainstream producers now, its all the same fkin kick, melody, just few knobs randomly pulled here and there

mother fucking scene



lmfao! gotta love the n00b comments!


The comment section on this website is the most toxic fucking place on the internet. Grow the fuck up.




It's 99.9% of these retarded kiddies hating about every release don't know a shit about producing, mixing or even about music. So that's their way to get the attention they're missing in real life...
Over and out


Thank God someone has a brain on this site, exactly what I was thinking.


all we need to do is wait for the extended version


Shit track also fuck Endymion for going for the money and saying fuck you to the hardcore scene


i would turn to hardstyle if i would see what hardcore is today.


To be frank, they don't owe you shit buddy. They produce what they want, so either fit in or fuck off


They don't said fuck you to hardcore. Hardcore said fuck you to Endymion


That's a good thing. We don't need some fuckin hardstyle poser in the hc scene anyways..He isn't called Dildomion for nothing, you know.


endymion came hardstyle because hardcore came poser ignorant


so what the f*ck are you doing in a hardstyle topic? LEAVE! we don't need ignorant hc n00bs without brains here.
take your crack addicted ass to a miss K8 topic and love it!


Don't cry, little baby dick.


xD Hardcore scene? You mean these Uptemp fags and the gpf listeners that think this is the "new" sound instead of a joke? Hardcore aint dead but its nothing you can wear like a sign nowadays, most ppl in that scene are uptempo drug abusers ready for death row, so keep hating, we keep laughing about the retardation. Only times i see a great hardcore vibe is when promo does it or its done with effort, and ppl with effort dont shit on endymion out of respect, pussy. But you deadly guns listening uberfags just better stick into each others asshole and comment under your onw stupid topics, like the newest release by MoH.


or fucking Tha Playah/Nosferatu, Great stuff. Shows how many pissass idiots floded the hardcore scene as so called artists and listeners. Hardcore once was about enjoying together and being open for pumps, not coming to a hardstyle track and complaining like a retarded piece of shit.




Why is 50% of the comments always negative? Enjoy it or enjoy anything but stop sreading negativity all over. Most of you have to work on their mind set


Don't worry, it's always like this on this website. I have a good laugh everytime I read the comments here now. Just love the music you want, and most importantly, have fun ! ~


I'ts important part of the whole 1gabba experience in my opinion. Personally i love it. It's part of being human, having different opinions and views than other. And here we all get to express ourselves.It's rare these days when censorship is rampant and anything that deviates from the official narrative gets deleted.


Also the track is obviously shit because it's hardstyle. Not going to listen to it at all however i will label it shit because of my personal prejudice and preference. Hell, i'll even give it a 1/10 rating just for the shits and giggles.


Thanks for the advise, Dr. Phil. You gonna pitch us one of your books now too?


always the same on this site. those are the retarded kids nobody loves. But always good for a laugh.


I don't get all the hype this song gets, just read the comments on Youtube. It's not like this song is bad but I can't say it's good either.


Praising comments here are posted by Roughstate employees.


hired for the sole cause to get a discussion going on 1Gabba :P!


Of course not but it's part of their job at the labels. I happen to know this as i used to work for one. Astro turfing was a part of our job and every label does it.


>it's part of their job at the labels.
That's not true
>I happen to know this as I used to work for one

Bahaha why lie on the internet broski?


I understand the concept must be completely foreign to such an unemployed oxygen waste as yourself, but some people actually work. Just so they can pay taxes to pay for your benefits, fuckin sloth.


complete shit track and some astro fkers wont save it by lookin like core fans, i listen to hardstyle for 20 years and this is just laugh in muhh face


roughstate recod label employees have been told to 1. give the track highest rating 2. comment on how great it is.

marketing hype to try to get people interested in shit track.


You bet they don't give a fuck what you lousy retards on 1Gabba stutter into the internet.


I stutter


and now 1gabba or fkin roughstate deleting comments


You guys should fuck right off

It’s not even their main label

Endymion has been here for 20 years

And you just jealous because you can’t produce or dj as fans


Anonymous complaints are not valid or legal

They are shit ass comments which cause people problems


Pick a alias stick with it

Register your studio

Don’t fuck with me





radio version + extended included


Track = Shit


Listening to the track while reading these comments claiming it's the best thing since apple pie and ice cream makes me realise how low standards you people here have if this qualifies as good music.


hey scene pls get us Massive CircleZ 9 songs from yuta imai, zekk, getty, bcm, riran, srezcat

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